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Sleeping posture

sleeping on your stomach can cause both neck and back pain. as our suggestion sleeping on your back or sleep on one’s side offers the most health benefits. Placing a pillow under your knees , Not only make it easiest to protect your spine, reduce pressure to your lumbar and also help relieve back and neck pain. If sleep on one’s side ,  Placing a pillow between your legs and keep 1 leg straight and 1 knee a little bit bend. it might improved pelvic inclination 

It is important to maintain the natural curve of the spine when lying in bed. To do this, make sure that the head, neck, shoulders, and hips are aligned and the back is properly supported. Sleeping on the back may help achieve this. Remember that, sleeping on your back the Position a pillow must be fully support the head and neck then facing the ceiling. Avoid tilting the head sideways.

For mattress choosing not too soft or too hard.

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The correct posture of waking up 

When getting off from the bed hurriedly, it can also add a lot of unnecessary strain to your muscles and joints, which is why you might be waking up sore and tired, as our suggestion, you must turn your body in right or left side first and use your hand to support the upper back then move up your body slowly

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Correct posture when wearing shoes

You must sitting down or keep knees bent when wearing shoes, might help relieve pressure to your lumbar 

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Sitting posture

Many people like sitting at the sofa for relaxing. Prolonged sitting can aggravate the injury, as can a tight lower back. As our suggestion, Place your back flat or use a waist pad, 

Both feet should be flat on the ground. If you’re any higher or lower, change your seat height. If you’re short and your chair won’t adjust to the right height, use a footstool. Your spine should be in line with the back of your chair 

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Using a cell phone for a long period with same posture lie down or sit-down  

It can cause cervical spine compressed and injured, hence, we suggest using time cannot over 20 minute 

Sitting posture when using computer or cell phone

Usually when using a computer, the body will be tilted forward by the head then cause to hunchback, this pose will cause the shoulders and neck to stretch excessively, back pain, intervertebral disc protrusion……etc

When typing, try to keep cervical vertebra with computer must be stayed parallel to the screen.  Both feet should be flat on the ground and keep your neck, back straight. If you’re any higher or lower, change your seat height. If you’re short and your chair won’t adjust to the right height, use a footstool. Your spine should be in line with the back of your chair. When using a mouse, it’s should be better to put 1 mouse pad under the hand, it can help relieve more pressure on the shoulders

Driving Posture 

The vehicles we drive are part of the problem. Some car seats don’t adequately accommodate the curve of the lower back, that will putting additional strain on the spine. Hence, the angle of your seat back should be stay a right curve, Slide your tailbone as close to the seat back as possible

In our suggestion when you’re driving for long periods. Listen to your body. And take periodic breaks: Park safely at a rest stop or other designated stopping area to get out of the car and stretch.

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Playing golf

Via observation of clinical cases, we found that, the patients often get injured while playing golf cause of incorrect posture; it will cause back pain, intervertebral disc protrusion……Etc

Hence, correct posture when you playing golf, Stand upright with your legs straight. Keep your arms relaxed and comfortably straight. Hold the club at waist height. Tilt forward from your hips, keep your back straight until the club touches the ground 


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